Standing Bow - Table and Chair Style

The classes will be held on the first and third Fridays of the month. This is open to current students as well as the public. To attend, you must be a member of the Urasenke Chanoyu Tea Ceremony Society to attend and have experience in the Usucha level as a minimum requirement.


Time and Day: Fridays 10 am and 2 pm

Location: Urasenke Chanoyu Center Annex

Fee: $315

* Checks should be made payable to Urasenke, Inc

** Individual classes are only available to students, who are currently enrolled in tea classes.

Optional Materials Fee: A sensu (fan), fukusa (silk purification cloth), kaishi (paper for sweets) are required for the lessons. If you don't have your own, we will provide the implements for a fee from $48.

Additional Membership Fee: If you are not already a member of the Urasenke Tea Ceremony Society, there is an additional $30 to join.