Group Demonstrations

* Visitor Guideline

Your health and safety are the top priorities, we welcome you to the Center, to ensure a safe environment for all, the following protocols should be strictly followed in addition to the normal ones during your visit.

- To ensure and maintain physical distancing, up to a maximum of 20 guests/participants are allowed per visit

- Please wear facial masks at all time during your visit

- Organiser is required to fill in the Screening Questionnaire as well as the Waiver of Liability form prior to the visit

- Please inform the Center whether the demonstration would require tea and confectionery when you make the reservation

We welcome school groups ( first grade through graduate ) and other groups ( education or appropriate occasion only. No sales promotions) for one-hour lecture demonstrations at the Centre on Wednesdays. Please e-mail us to make arrangements. Please arrive ten minutes prior to the time reserved.


10:00* / 11:15 / 14:00* / 15:15

*Tour will be shorter if you come late because other tours ( 11:15 or 15:15 ) are usually scheduled.

Basic Fees

When calculating the number of people include teachers, parents and chaperones. The basic fee and the fee for additional persons are applied per each scheduled group. The check should make a payable to Urasenke Inc. (No refundable, transferable or creditable)

School Groups $315 for up to 20 guests.

Other Groups $525 for up to 20 guests.

Saturdays: $630 for up to 20 guests


Please advise your participants about basic manners needed for the Presentation before your arrival. Your care will preserve the facility for future use. Any damages incurred during your visit will be charged to your organisation. Please be aware that the wood floor is slippery and the lighting is more subdued than in ordinary places. There are steps at the entrance shoe area and stairs to reach to the tea rooms.

Basic Manner and Etiquette of The Way of Chado Tradition

1. No bare feet. Please bring a clean pair of white socks.

2. Do not take your shoes off until your instructor advises.

3. Please put all your belongs included mobile phones in the closet.

4. Please remove any jewellery from your wrists and fingers to avoid chipping or breaking one of the tea bowls.

5. No chewing gum is permitted in the Centre.

6. Please refrain from wearing strong perfume, hand and body cream or bright nail polish.

7. Please do not touch or lean on the walls or shoji (paper/wood) screens.

8. Picture taking by one of representative is permitted for your group record purpose only.

9. You will have your own tea bowl. This Tea is not shared with other guests.

10. Any kind of meeting in our facility is not permitted before or after the Presentation.

Experiencing a different culture is the most important part of the Presentation. Please try to behave yourself and be quiet during the tour, so you don’t miss any of the explanations. Please do not try to force yourself to drink tea or eat all the sweets. You can take the sweets home, if you don’t want to consume them at the Centre. You make just take a sip of tea to taste it and leave the rest.

Feel the Chado Tradition. Relax, enjoy yourself and have a bowl of tea.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.